Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Snowy Winter Wallpaper

 The Black Forest covers a large area within which you’ll find the spa town of Baden-Baden; the “Jewel of the Black Forest” – Freiburg and Offenburg – the capital of the wine region as well as many other quaint villages. However the most beautiful part of this area can be seen by driving or hiking along the Schwarzwaldhochstraße – a route through the rolling hills and valleys, thick forests of black fir trees and mist covered lakes. One of the most beautiful lakes in the area is Titisee, try taking the Zapfle-Bahnle train alone the scenic route around the lake or follow the lake road which encompasses the tranquil water.
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Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Snowy Winter Wallpaper Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Snowy Winter Wallpaper Reviewed by Srinivas on July 16, 2012 Rating: 5

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